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New domicile for animal-assisted therapy centre

Centre differentia

The centre differentia is a place of encounter and joy. Taking into account the personal health situation, people are therapised with the partner horse using Therapeutic Dual Activation™(TDATM). The focus is on the human being, nature and the ten co-therapists (five horses and five ponies).

Therapeutic Dual Activation™

The aim of this form of therapy is to bring out more motivation, self-confidence and joy in people. Dual Activation® is not only a form of therapy and training for the horse, but also for the human being.

Social projects

During the summer holidays, the centre offers a children's camp for a maximum of seven children per week. The focus is on horse care, animal-friendly handling of the horses, ground work and (western) riding.  

Work integration

People are supported and supervised on their way back into everyday work. This gives them meaningful work and support in their social development.  

REHA retirement pastures

In advanced age, the care of horses and ponies becomes more and more important. Animals have always accompanied people as helpers and faithful companions. For this reason, they deserve our gratitude. 


Zentrum differentia trains interested persons to become therapists in Therapeutic Dual Activation™for adults, children and adolescents. 

Initial situation

The innovative animal-assisted therapy centre differentia had a lease agreement with the owner of a farm in the Basel region. At the beginning of summer 2019, the management of Zentrum differentia was informed by the farm owner that the farm would be sold. As a result, the continuation at this location was uncertain and ultimately the centre had to close its doors for the time being in 2020.

For this reason, the ProTerapia Foundation is doing everything in its power to find and finance a suitable property ideally located in nature. Thus, the Centre differentia has a new domicile and the possibility to start again with its Therapeutic Dual Activation™, its social projects and its commitment to people - animals - nature.


The innovative animal-assisted therapy centre differentia cannot offer its services because it currently has no domicile. The horses as well as the ponies and all equipment could be temporarily accommodated in Emmental. The people with mild and severe disabilities, children, visitors, therapists and volunteers who come for therapy work on a very reduced scale and have to travel a long way to get there. All the people involved, including the horses and ponies, are hoping for a new home. 

The ProTerapia Foundation has set itself the goal of finding and financing a new home for the differentia centre as quickly as possible. An ambitious project, but a feasible one and, above all, with a meaningful purpose - the foundation board is convinced of this. 

Impact and benefit of the project

The Board of Trustees of the ProTerapia Foundation has reflected on the project and has come to the conclusion that the project "A NEW DOMICILE FOR THE DIFFERENTIA CENTRE" is a suitable funding project and meets the overarching strategic objectives. The therapy services, the social projects, the work integration centres, the REHA retirement home and the training leaflet of the Zentrum differentia are services with social as well as sustainable effectiveness. 

By supporting projects with a clear identity, the foundation strives for a measurable leverage effect. It gets involved where innovative projects need a push to fully develop their benefits for society as well as for the economy. In order to achieve an impact, it is important for the Foundation that the projects are relevant, original, highly effective and convincing in terms of transfer potential and interdisciplinarity. 

Your support counts!

The costs for the project "A NEW DOMICILE FOR AN INNOVATIVE ANIMAL-SUPPORTED THERAPY CENTRE" amount to about 2.5 million Swiss francs. Loans and a mortgage can cover 0.75 million francs. The estimated need for donations is 1.75 million francs, but we have set ourselves a target of 2 million francs.

Whether foundation, association, company or private individual: your contribution counts! Your support enables the professional, sustainable development of the ProTerapia Foundation. The donations enable the differentia centre to get a new domicile! A learning and experience centre characterised by cordiality, where everyone feels comfortable in dealing with animals and nature, is allowed to be themselves and can develop positively as a result. 


Thank you very much!

We would like to thank the following organisations, companies and individuals for their generous support:

  • G. Ficht, F. Jaggy, N. Marugg, M. Nussbaumer, S. Haenggi, M. Vitolla, L. Uhr, F. Hersperger, T. Erne, Fam. Altermatt, A. Weber, C. Loetterle, P. Spira, G. Plinke, S.Voegelin, F. Hersperger, Motorradclub Gilgenberg, Horseanmore GmbH, A. Hasler, I. Palkowitsch, Fam. Lestin, S. Doval, I.Giesse, J.Gasser, Katholischer Männerverein Arlesheim, Fam. Thurnherr, Querflötissimo Arlese, T. Wirz, Leo Club Basel, D. Schenker, I. Balatti, Zoll-Fit GmbH, Fam. Hausherr, R.Meier
  • Anonymous donations

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