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Man and animal in harmony

Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to support and promote mentally ill children, adolescents and adults as well as cognitively impaired persons in Switzerland, especially in the Basel region, and to improve their development opportunities. It pursues its purpose through the application and scientific promotion of innovative animal-assisted therapy methods (e.g. through Therapeutic Dual-Action™).

Mission statement

Our values

We live and promote the following values:

  • Commitment and responsibility for animal-assisted therapies in Switzerland
  • Species-appropriate husbandry and animal-friendly handling
  • Mutual respect between humans and animals
  • Transparency and authenticity
  • Openness and honesty among each other
  • Appreciation towards our sponsors

The resources of the Foundation

The foundation has a small start-up capital and accepts further donations. As a non-profit organisation, ProTerapia finances most of its activities from donations from private individuals and foundations.